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A declaration of love for our home

Servus lives regional tradition and customs, fosters honest craftsmanship and shows the unspoilt nature of our home country from its most beautiful sides. Month after month, Servus invites you to take a break and enjoy. In a quality that makes you want to say: Can you believe that something like that still exists today?

Austria's No. 1 monthly newsstand magazine

Austria's No. 1 monthly newsstand magazine

The longing for regional localisation, for authentic stories and the beauty right on one's own doorstep is greater and deeper today than ever before. Servus in Stadt & Land has successfully interpreted this longing in a high-quality, modern and cosmopolitan way. This makes Servus the best-selling monthly magazine in Austria and one of the most popular magazines in southern Germany.

The magazine for young and grown-up discoverers

The magazine for young and grown-up discoverers

Servus Kinder offers surprising stories about nature and wildlife, gives fun ideas for handicrafts & play, features exciting adventures to experience & recreate, provides healthy recipes for cooking & baking. The magazine is designed in an interactive way so that children can occupy themselves with it for many hours. In school, it can be used as entertaining teaching material. 

Your companion throughout the gardening year

Your companion throughout the gardening year

Charming native landscapes, practical tips for your own garden as well as almost entirely forgotten knowledge about old varieties and plant rarities: With stories and reports rich in pictures, Servus Unser Garten accompanies you through the ten phenological seasons.

Stories of enjoyment

Stories of enjoyment

Servus Gute Küche shows the multifaceted food culture of the Alpine regions. In the stories of enjoyment, you look into the pots of rustic inns, discover culinary rarities, marvel at the variety of delights over the changing seasons, and are inspired by traditional recipes and hearty cooking tips.

Natural and medicinal herbology

Natural and medicinal herbology

Nature gives us what body and soul need for a healthy, contented life. We find a lot of things right in front of our front door, in the garden, in the forest, or in the kitchen cabinet: Servus Naturwissen takes its readers into the world of herbs and shows how you can easily make home remedies and medicines yourself.

The digital world of Servus

The digital world of Servus brings together all Servus brands under one roof. User-friendly and target group-specific with many useful inspirations and almost entirely forgotten knowledge for our everyday life: Over 1,300 recipes from the Alpine region, gardening knowledge from sowing to harvesting, ideas for a beautiful home, practical natural medicine or tips for excursions. You can also discover it on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and Pinterest. 

The home of craftsmanship

The home of craftsmanship

Discover handmade one-of-a-kind items, special gifts, soothing products made of Swiss stone pine and much more – exclusively at Servus am Marktplatz, the home of craftsmanship. The products from the Servus online shop also tell stories: The stories of the craftsmen, of the region, but also stories of traditions and old, almost entirely forgotten knowledge.

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    Servus price list 2023

    Latest update: December 19th 2022

    Latest update: December 19th 2022

    Servus publishing calendar

    • December 2023

      • 21.12. Publication
        Servus in Stadt & Land 01/24
        21.11. (Ads)
        14.11. (Advertorials)
      • 21.12. Publication
        Servus Kinder 01/23
        16.11. (Ads)
        09.11. (Advertorials)
    • January 2024

      • 25.01. Publication
        Servus in Stadt & Land 02/24
        29.12. (Ads)
        18.12. (Advertorials)
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